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Common Questions About Datisfy

1. How much does it cost?

We price every project differently. Why? Because every customer uses QuickBooks® slightly differently, and every customer wants to see something different. That means every report we build is customized to your specific requirements. It’s not “out of the box” or “off the rack”. In over seven years we have never been able to reuse a single report for a new customer.

Having said that, the typical range is $1500 to $6000 per report. We also have support bundles to allow you to make enhancements, and to assist with various technical issues.

The software costs are separate because they are purchase directly from the vendor. For QQube, the single-user version is $450 USD and the multi-user license is $895 USD. If you have multiple company files the add-on is between $195 and $495 more, depending on the number of company files.

2. How do we get started?

Book a call with us. When we start working with a new customer, we need to get a vivid picture of the problem you experience to see if we can, indeed, offer you a solution.

  • Talk about how you use QuickBooks®
  • Discover when and why you export to Excel
  • Ask questions about your technical environment
  • Figure out how much time & money we can save you
  • Look at specific reports you would love to have

The amount of time required varies, but plan for 30 minutes to an hour for an initial call. Usually, that’s enough for us to prepare a proposal for you within a day or two.

3. Is there any required prep work?

Not really. It’s just a conversation. But we’ll make more progress if you can submit a sample of your Dream Report before we speak. So dream big! We don’t care if it’s on a cocktail napkin or in Excel. As long as we can identify what you want and where to find it in QuickBooks, that’ll do.

4. What's your refund policy?

If we can’t deliver a solution, we won’t accept your project. If we do accept your project, we guarantee the result. The only refund we’ve ever had to give is to a customer who wasn’t comfortable with sharing a copy of his QuickBooks file or letting us see his data. He was probably doing shady things. And besides, he came back two years later because he really needed custom Job Cost reports!

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