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The Problem.

You’ve got a few jobs in progress, and you’re not 100% certain if they are profitable. Why? Because you can’t get a comprehensive job cost report out of QuickBooks at a single click.

You also would like to take on more jobs – without adding more admin help.  But all you really want is a couple of reports that work for YOU.

That’s where we come in!

The Solution

We liberate your time and energy by asking ourselves “What is the next thing we can do to make your life easier?”  And then we do it. 

By using Crystal Reports and QQube, we create customized, instant views of data for QuickBooks.

The Promise

·       Have confidence your jobs are profitable

·       Save hours of time every week instead of exporting to Excel

·       Increase accuracy – easily discover when a cost has been coded to the wrong job or customer

·       Find money in unbilled costs, unpaid invoices

·       Increase back-office capacity to take on more jobs without hiring more staff

·       Save money by reducing the number of QB users – while

Eliminate all doubt and reduce your levels of business stress. Be Confident, with Datisfy!

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  • Eliminate inefficiencies and unnessessary costs.
  • Be on target for project cost projections.
  • Streamline your accounting systems to maximize ROI

What our customers are saying…

“We got our invoices out in record time! 90% complete on the fourth of the month, and 100% complete by the sixth. That means we get paid much sooner.

THANK YOU for your help with all of this! A complete game-changer for us!”

Jenny Rios
Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

“The Datisfy team was very successful in building the custom reports that we now use to consolidate several wholly-owned subsidiaries, one controlling interest, and a joint-venture with their respective parent companies. They were a very quick study once we finalized our requirements.

The reports are now in production and working as expected. Datisfy’s team members were always patient, very professional, and quite pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Datisfy and their solution.”

Cindy Ascanio
Director of Financial Reporting

“As CFO of a multi-entity organization, I was looking for a way to consolidate all orgs into one flexible report. Angela & team at Datisfy were so great in helping me achieve the results I was looking for. They helped me find and implement the tools I needed while working with
me on any issues I ran into. 

I would highly recommend Datisfy.”

Art Augugliaro
Director of Financial Reporting


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