How to Move QQube to a New Server

How to Move QQube to a New Server

  1. Open the QQube Configuration tool and note (or take screenshots) of the Available Analytic Areas selected and the Analytic Names to Load
**Be sure to note which analytics to add! Please don’t add all of them! It will make it REALLY slow to synchronize**
  1. Locate your QQube License ID and Password from the most recent purchase email from Clearify
  2. On the QQube Config Tool go to Help | About QQube to determine if your QQube subscription is active. If not, I recommend that you purchase the Subscription Renewal and install it along with the new license they will provide
    • FYI this renewal purchase will be required once you move to QuickBooks 2022 or later
    • If you decide not to do so, you will need the original installer, which hopefully was saved somewhere
  3. Deactivate the license on the currently installed server or PC
  4. Get ready for the installation:
  5. Then select the analytics you noted in item #1 (plus the default *QuickBooks Company Setup)
  6. Non-Urgent Load
    • In Manual Refresh, uncheck all but *QuickBooks Company Setup
    • File | Close/Log Off QuickBooks company file, but leave QB open
    • Run the Manual Refresh in QQube – this will ensure that QQube can connect to QuickBooks autonomously
    • If successful, check all the required analytics to load and click Save
    • Set the Scheduler and click Save
    • Let the Server do the heavy load of the initial sync overnight!
  7. Urgent Load
    • In Manual Refresh, check all the required analytics including*QuickBooks Company Setup, click Save
    • Click Run Now

If you need help, please try to schedule this migration in advance so we can be on standby!

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