QQube Reports Missing Data in the New Year?

QQube Reports Missing Data in the New Year?

It’s February 1 and you’re running your first Year To Date financial reports – but no data is showing!

The problem isn’t the report – how could it be? It’s been working for you for ages.

Fear not! The problem is just a QQube setting. And it’s easy to change:

QQube Dimension Year Settings
Adjust the Dimension End Year settings here for QQube version 7.7 and above.

I recommend increasing both the start year and the end year. Once that’s done, run a Manual Refresh and try the reports again.

Just a reminder – since it’s that time of year. There are a bunch of reasons you may want to reload the data from scratch:

  • QuickBooks Year Upgrade (e.g. from 2020 to 2021; upgrading from Release 3 to Release 4 does not require a reload)
  • You run a Rebuild on your QuickBooks file
  • You merged items on one of these lists:
    • Accounts on the Chart of Accounts
    • Items
    • Customers
  • You’ve changed the name/label of a Custom Field
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How to do a Rebuild

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