QQube And Quickbooks Inventory – I’m In Love

QQube And Quickbooks Inventory – I’m In Love

Thank goodness learning never stops here at Datisfy. This week I learned (and proved to myself) that the brilliant folks at Clearify programmed the QQube to sum Open Sales Order quantities for Inventory Assemblies, cross-reference that with the required parts quantities in all related Bills of Materials (BOM), and determines a TOTAL demand for each part.

When we combine the sales order quantities for any part with the “on purchase order” quantities and what’s currently on hand, we can devise an inventory analysis tool in a matter of an hour or two! Here is how we proved the calculations extend accurately (in fact, this is known as a BOM Explosion):

Part 1: Show the Assemblies this Part goes into

Do you have any idea how powerful that is? It makes me a bit crazy to think of those trying to run small businesses with QuickBooks Inventory and have to figure this out manually.

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