Split Commissions – Really

Split Commissions – Really

Companies have all kinds of ways of splitting and calculating commissions. The reason Datisfy exists today is because of an initial customer’s need to split commissions in QuickBooks data – without any manual involvement. We have now worked with three commission splitting situations that QB couldn’t handle internally. Nor could Xpanded Reports, which has now been defunct for just over a year.

Influence Ecology needed to split commissions up to five (yes, 5) ways for every Invoice or Credit Memo, but only for invoices that have been fully paid. QuickBooks doesn’t capture a Fully Paid Date, but the magical QQube deciphers and stores that date, making it easy to filter for invoices paid in a desired period. With a combination of using Custom Fields at the transaction (document) level, and writing a SQL Command for Crystal Reports to parse through those Custom Fields, we gave the CFO a single report that does all the calculations, and is easy for the recipient to read and understand at a glance.

Then we added PDF-Explode to the mix. This is a powerful but affordable tool to burst out each rep’s commission report pages into a single PDF, and attaching it to an email and sending.

What used to take Darryl at least 5 hours every 2 weeks on a Friday (plus the frustration and repetitive, error-prone nature of the task) can now be accomplished in 2 clicks and less than 5 minutes. Except Darryl takes 20 because he still likes to check the numbers before they go out. But that’s what makes him a great CFO!

And that kind of freedom on a Friday means more time on the golf course!

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